Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to turn on RLV in Firestorm

 Several people have asked me how to turn on RLV in Firestorm.  It isn't on by default.  There are a couple of ways to do it.

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From the menu, Avatar -> Preferences -> Firestorm -> General -> Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls (RLVa), then restart Firestorm.

  1. Turn on your Advanced menu.  You can turn them both on by going to Avatar -> Preferences -> Advanced and then check "Show Advanced Menu"
  2. On your Advanced menu, near the bottom, tick "RestrainedLove API (RLVa)".
  3. Near the middle is a section for RLVA and if you expand out that menu you can:
  •  List restrictions
  • Enable objects to give to your #RLV folder (great for traps, being forced to wear items, etc.) -- some traps will give you an outfit and force you to wear them.  One that comes to mind is in Kitten's Castle where you're turned into a marble statue.
  • Show debug messages - this is really useful when writing RLV scripts.  It's also nice to have on just so you know when something RLV is being done to you by either a person or object.
A quick and easy way to check if you've got RLV enabled is to ask someone to IM you with just the text: "@version" (without quotes).  If RLV is enabled, you won't see it, but they'll see something like:
Kittin Ninetails (busy response): RestrainedLove viewer v2.7.0 (Firestorm - RLVa 1.4.0)

Remember, you'll need a relay to interact with objects.  Take a look at my Quick RLV tutorial.  And if you want to try something really fun, go to Marine's maze and try to find your way out.  And don't cheat! =^.^=

Also, here's a link to a video for Installing and Activating RLV in Various Third Party Viewers.  The first part of the video covers installing Marine's RLV on Windows and how to copy the voice files over.  If you install my Linux or Mac builds, these are installed for you.  At about 7 minutes into the video, Trix explains how to turn on RLVa in Phoenix and Imprudence.  Trix has another good video on the #RLV folder.  Actually, Trix has quite a lot of good videos, but those are the two I saw that relate to this page.


  1. thank you for your concise, easy to understand guide! I'm bookmarking it.