Thursday, February 9, 2012

MLPv2 Chains Plugin done!

Yay!  I finished it last night.  Well, maybe "finished" is too strong of a word.  I got all the planned features working and there doesn't appear to be any big problems with it.  I'm sure there are bugs and I'll have to figure those out.  It's a little more chatty than I like and I'm hoping to reduce that.

Next, I'll be adding some RLV support and sounds.  The devPose toys I've seen have a nice little chain sound when poses are changed.  I made one for mine, too.

I might be able to use the RLV plugin for MLPv2, but I haven't really reviewed it yet.  It looks pretty complete at a glance, so that's encouraging.

After that, it's off to spend money on animations and build in a couple of toys.  The first two will be a pair of suspension poles for one and probably a St. Andrews Cross.  Once those are done and I decide how I'm going to handle updates, I'll put my Pocket Dungeon up for sale.

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