Saturday, February 9, 2013

Writing LSL in Emacs

LSL Editing in Emacs with ECB and lslint
Recently, I've moved from working mostly in Windows to being on a Mac.  I'm mostly enjoying it, but I miss my favorite LSL editor, aptly called LSLEditor.

The problem is LSLEditor is written in C# and it uses several things that don't play nice in Wine, so it just won't work on my Mac.

LSLPlus is dead, and LSLForge appears to be continuing the effort.  But, I don't like Eclipse.

There's a VI mode for LSL.  And a lsl-mode.el that's woefully out of date on the Second Life wiki.

And then there's Emacs, which most of the time I shy away from.  Yet, for some reason, I fell in love with CEDET and ECB.  The screenshot is my effort to get something similar to a working environment in UNIX, specifically Mac OSX.  But this also works fine in any Linux environment or Cygwin.

I can't debug like I could with LSLEditor.  And because of that, I may give this up and instead see how hard it would be to port LSLEditor to Java.  But I'm pretty happy with what I see here so far.


  1. hmmm. i guess you already tried porting LSLplus to mono

  2. Well, LSLPlus is the old Eclipse plugin. It has been discontinued. The last update was in 2010. LSLForge is the Eclipse plugin that replaces it. It's nice in that it lets you actually run your script within Eclipse. It doesn't seem complete yet, however. I couldn't get certain events to fire, such as on_rez().

    LSLEditor is the one written in C# and no, I haven't tried to port it from .NET to Mono because that's not my area. I know Java very well, but I don't know squat about C#, WinForms, and so forth. It probably would be easier for me to just rewrite it in Java.