Friday, July 8, 2011


Ok, I don't normally like to point fingers. It degrades into a "he said she said" useless argument that no one can prove. But, I've been scammed and I want to warn everyone I can about it so they're not ripped off, too.

In April, 2011, I asked this guy to do some graphic work for me. We did some discussion of design and price and we agreed on L$3000 to come up with a heart-shaped locket I could use for a logo for my Ninetails products. He asked for 50% up-front, which I thought was reasonable. Needless to say, he never delivered. My dear friend Sei ended up making the logo for me, where I showed it off in A Makeover.

I wouldn't even bother mentioning it, except Sal has returned to SL and, after defriending me, has made it pretty clear he does not intend to return the money -- but moreover comes to the areas I go (specifically Shy Submissives) to and wants to "play" with me as a Dom.

I think not.

Well, it's only my word against his and it's my own damned fault for giving him any money. But I wanted to post this so others would be, at least, made aware that there is a dodgy situation regarding him. Please don't get taken like I did.


  1. You should still try to file abuse report against the thief, even if you have no evidence in your hands. Just explain the situation, as you did here in blog. LL could still have record of your transfer of L$1500 to the thief... they could have login times and places, they could even have record of IMs that you exchanged (?) - then it is not just your word... And it is also possible that completely different avatar reported the same thief before for similar fraud, also without evidence and this time LL will see it is not coincidence...
    In the worst case there is no evidence existing anymore and LL will regret they cannot do anything about it...
    But you should not just let it be, even if you don't care about those L$ anymore (I guess you will not get them back anyway)... but if not punished, he will probably do it to others again and again...

  2. Thanks, I did on June 30th. I don't really expect LL to do anything about it. They responded back with their standard canned message and haven't heard anything more:

    Thank you for taking the time to submit a Second Life abuse report. If the reported incident violates Second Life's Community Standards or Terms of Service, we will take appropriate action.

    What happens next?
    If any further information is required, Linden Lab will contact you regarding this incident.

    Will Linden Lab follow up with you after the investigation is closed?
    Linden Lab examines each abuse incident independently and will not disclose the resolution of abuse/community standards violations with Second Life Residents, except when necessary to introduce a new or amended policy. Linden Lab will not disclose incident details including (but not limited to): identity of the reporter, details of chat logs, resolution of incidents, and/or suspensions/banning of Second Life Residents.

    We hope that this will be the last of any unpleasant encounters for you inworld. If you continue to experience problems with a Resident, please file a new inworld abuse report for each new incident and we will investigate each report independently.

    To file an abuse report while inworld, select Help > Report Abuse...

    For more information on abuse reports, please take a look at our "Guide to Filing an Abuse Report" article or our "Report Abuse" video in the Second Life Knowledge Base:

    Best regards,

    Linden Lab
    945 Battery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94111