Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lumiya - My second favorite Second Life Viewer

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this already.  For about the last six months, I've been mostly living in SL with Lumiya, an Android-based Third Party Viewer.  I love this app.  It has quite literally changed my Second Life because I can be there more often.

Lumiya is written by my dear friend Alina Lyvette.  She's done some real magic here, tackling that huge Second Life viewer and making it work on a smartphone.  I mean, real magic.  Lumiya runs on devices as old as my original Droid from Motorola.  I just recently upgraded to a Droid RAZR M, and Lumiya purrs along, smooth as silk. 

New World Notes has a nice article on it, with some recent screenshots as well as a video clip so you can see how animations look.  New World also links to Inara Pey's blog on Lumiya.

Lumiya doesn't do everything, yet.  It doesn't show group invitations, for example.  You can't voice with it.  But, you can stream media.  Alina is actively working on it, making it better with each release.  And, it's just her!  No one else works on it.  Simply amazing.

If you have an Android smartphone, and you like to be in SL when you're away from your normal viewer, get Lumiya.

If you have a QR scanner, you can just scan this to get your copy!  Otherwise, look for it on Google Play.  If you need help with Lumiya, please email and join the Lumiya Support Group in SL.
Lumiya Viewer on Google Play


  1. will there be a lumiya for iphone platform?

  2. No. The fact that Lumiya allows you to access SL (indeed, that't the entire point!), and SL has adult content (whether you access it or not), and Apple's policy in the Store is to not allow anything related to adult content, they won't carry it.

  3. My inworld partner told me about Lumiya quite some time ago, but it really wasn't ready for prime time yet. Like you, I rediscovered it about six months ago, and found that the newer version runs really really well on my 7 inch Android tablet. I love it.

    By the way, I just downloaded the new RLV for Linux that you posted a few hours ago ... thanks again for all the hard work.

  4. Please fix the fishing pole and it would be the best

  5. Can someone tell me please how to activate RLV in Lumiya?

    1. RLV can be turned on under Settings. Lumiya supports an early version of RLV, so not all modern features are available. It should support all the features in RLV v.1.10.

    2. On behalf of my lady and I, Thank you very much!!!