Restrained Love Viewer

On this page you can find links to the latest version of Marine Kelley's Restrained Love Viewer (RLV).

Windows - version 2.9.23
Marine distributes her viewer for Windows.  Downloads are hosted at  This is the Official RestrainedLove Viewer.

Mac and Linux
I host my ports of Marine's viewer on my Google Drive.  I try to build them as soon as I hear that Marine's released a new version. Lately, my SL time has become limited, so sometimes I don't see it right away.  Feel free to IM me to let me know!

Mac: v. 2.9.23  124 Megs for High Sierra (OSX 10.13+)
md5: 8e01e8d38c316a16396887fa9551e868
Linux: v.  78 Meg  (See Sound Fix Below)
md5sum: 7e54d73064399d011c69c11c2c589664

Dec 5, 2018
A note about Mojave -- I've no idea why, but this version does not run on Mojave.  I’ll be looking in to it soon.  It may be a few days or even wait until the Christmas holiday, as I’ll have some time off from work then and can wrestle with it.  My new MacBook Pro arrived today, with Mojave pre-installed, so I’m definitely motivated.  But I’m also changing jobs RL, so thinks are kinda screwy as I wrap up projects at work. 


Mac users will want the dmg file.  E.g., RLV-2.9.1-Mac.dmg
Download this file.  Usually it ends up in your Downloads folder.  Use Finder to double-click on it.  You'll get a box that has the same lock icon for RLV and a folder that says Applications.  You can drag and drop the icon into the Applications folder, or simply drag it to your desktop.

Once you've done that, you can double-click on the new RLV icon and you'll get the Second Life login screen.

Linux users will want the tar.bz2 file.  E.g., RLV-2.9.1-Linux.tar.bz2
Download this file.  Usually it ends up in your Downloads folder, but it may be different based on the browser you use.

GUI Users
You can probably double-click on the file and it'll give you the option to extract the directory.  Extract it and then double-click on the file.  Follow the instructions provided.

Command-line Users
Open a shell and cd to the Downloads directory.  Extract the files.  One can usually do that with tar xvjf RLV-2.9.1-Linux.tar.bz2.  If your tar doesn't support bunzip2 compression built in, you'll hvae to do it in two steps.  a) bunzip2 RLV-2.9.1-Linux.tar.bz2  b) tar xvf RLV-2.9.1-Linux.tar

After that, cd to the newly created directory and run with:  bash ./

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I just download this from Marine?  Well, you do if you run the Windows version.  I build her code for the Mac and Linux users.

Why don't your versions always match Marine's?  Marine releases her viewer for Windows and then commits her changes to bitbucket.  Once she's done that, I download those changes and merge them into my source tree.  It takes me a little time to do that.  And I don't always see the notice right away.

Why is the code different?  It isn't, not really.  Mostly, there are some changes in the install programs.  I rarely need to change something in the Viewer code, itself.  My icon is a little different from hers and I had to do some changes to the build scripts to make them work under Mac and Linux.

Linux Sound Fix
Thanks to Henkie for this tip and Lacy for testing it for me!  If you're a little UNIX-savvy, you can fix LL's busted OpenAL library to work with a system installed one.  Note: you may need to install OpenAL, but it's probably on your system already.

Several older version of my Mac and Linux builds are also available.

  1. Open a Terminal window
  2. cd ~/.secondlife-install/lib/
  3. mv   (it doesn't really matter what you name it to, just rename it)
  4. Start RLV and you should have sound.
If you still don't have sound, look for in the following places:
  • /usr/lib
  • /usr/local/lib
  • /opt/local/lib
If you don't find it, you will need to install it.  Depending on your distro of Linux, the commands will be different, so Google how to do it.  For Ubuntu, it'll be something like:

sudo apt-get install libopenal0a libopenal-dev
If it still doesn't work after that, I don't know.  :(

Source Code
If you want to try to build it yourself, please visit, for the Mac and Linux instructions and source code.  Marine's code is at and is for Win32.