Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HOWTO: Compile RLV 2.7.1 on Linux

Update (11/29/11): Obsolete - see this link.

Things you'll need:
Root access or sudo
Linux -- I worked on a freshly installed Ubuntu 11.04
Internet connectivity

Install the required libraries
Open a terminal window and do the following commands to install the required libraries if your system doesn't already have them.
Install cmake
  • sudo apt-get install cmake
Install mercurial
  • sudo apt-get install mercurial
Install the X11 libraries
  • sudo apt-get install libx11-dev
Install Mesa for OpenGL libs
  • sudo apt-get install mesa-common-dev libglu1-mesa-dev
Install bison and flex
  • sudo apt-get install bison flex libxrender-dev

Install LL's version of autobuild
Again, in a terminal window type:
  • mkdir ~/tmp
  • cd ~/tmp
  • hg clone http://hg.secondlife.com/autobuild
  • cd autobuild
  • sudo ./setup.py install

Sometimes autobuild doesn't install the first time, so check to be sure you have it in /usr/local/bin with this command:
  • which autobuild
If it isn't there, run sudo ./setup.py install again and do the which command again.

Get the Restrained Love Viewer Source
We need to both get the code, then possibly downgrade to 2.7.1.
  • hg clone http://bitbucket.org/marinekelley/rlv rlv-2.7.1
  • hg revert --verbose --all --rev=16161

Not needed, don't use it! Yay!

Apply my patches for Mac & Linux
Unfortunately, Marine's dev env and mine differ somewhat and when she added my changes into her environment, it broke her build. So, I have to keep my patches separate. Just apply my patch to your copy of the rlv source and you'll be fine. My patch for RLV 2.7.1 is here.
  • bunzip2 kittin-rlv-2.7.1.patch.bz2
  • cd rlv-2.7.1
  • patch --strip=1 -i ../kittin-rlv-2.7.1.patch

Start the build
I made this script rebuild.sh because I get tired of re-entering all the commands. This script is good for both Linux and Mac.
  • cp rebuild.sh rlv-2.7.1/
  • cd rlv-2.7.1
  • bash rebuild.sh

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